First Day of Class

I will have to admit, the first day of class in an online classroom is much different from that of a brick-and-mortar. For one thing, you have to talk to other people. Some brick-and-mortar classes do require a stand-up introduction, but most of them limit it to name, major, and why you’re in the class. (The answers to the last are usually: I have to.) In both classes, one of which is an introduction-to-being-online class, there was a mandatory introductory post. Some people kept it short, but others… let me just say that for once I didn’t feel like the long-winded buffoon I usually do in an online situation. Most other posts were roughly the same length as mine. My classmates include everything from an awesome karate guy who wants to teach self-defense, to a woman I’m guessing around my mother’s age who’s been in the military for fifteen years. With five kids.

People from all walks of life, for most of whom this definitely wasn’t their first university. I was glad to find out that there ARE other people out there who’ve attended others. One person had attended five — makes my three look pitiful, actually.

I had been so excited for classes to start that I had sort of read two chapters of one of my books (the online college introductory course). It turns out that my reading for that class is well up-to-date and I am actually finished with the work for the week. There are two large-ish assignments due next week, though, that I’m going to go ahead and work on — once I’m finished with this week’s work for the other class, of course.

The other class I’m taking is World Literature through the Renaissance. To tell you the truth even an English major like me has to use a convention to spell that word correctly. (I say REN-NAI-Dubba-SS-ANCE in my head.) This is the only class through January (the furthest out that I can register) that is sixteen weeks. The reading assignments for this week are “Gilgamesh,” the oldest written epic poem discovered to date, and cherry-picked pieces of Homer’s “Odyssey.” Each week, I am required to write a journal entry on a chosen topic (I have six different prompts to choose from), based on the reading.

And I think I’ll write again later today on my OB-GYN appointment and second sonogram, since that is why I am up a four o’clock in the morning writing this for ya’ll. =)


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