Drama of the Due Date

As I also mentioned in my first post, I’m currently pregnant with my first baby, a little girl. Unfortunately, I had approximately ZERO signs or symptoms of being pregnant until about mid-May, which is when I broke down and went to Planned Pregnancy to check for certain. I’d been told previously that I was barren (though I question that particular doctor’s credentials for saying such.) My fiance was told he was sterile from taking Ritalin as a boy. But, SURPRISE! You’re as pregnant as you can get! Since my cycle is completely broken, and was only just beginning to get into a state of repair when I got pregnant, I have no idea when I actually got pregnant.

I informed my OB-GYN of this on my first visit in June. We tentatively based my due date (September 26) on my last known cycle (December), which was more like spotting. I skipped completely in November, which isn’t unusual for me. I’m known to skip three or four months at a time. I went in for my first sonogram and so the entire Drama of the Due Date began. The sono tech told me that we were going to probably move the date to August 28, based on the baby’s weight and her development.

I went back to the OB doc, who told me we were going to stick to the September date until we could get a second sono to look at the development over time. Gre-e-eat.

In  early July, I ended up going into the ER because the baby wasn’t moving (scary!) but it turns out I was just being a paranoid new mama. I’d also gone in because of severe dipping dizzy spells, which they said might be caused by sleeping on my back or right side, or may be a warning sign for early labor in some overweight women (I’m 244 as of today, thank you!). Still, they gave me a corticosteroid for a variety of reasons.

The dizziness stopped, I got used to sleeping only on my left side, and I could feel baby moving again. Turns out that I was watching for the wrong thing (I was used to acrobatics). She’d decided to move into the “pushing out” stage, where she runs out of room and starts pushing at the walls of my tummy to get more. By the way: she’s been face-down since at least June 18, which was the first sono.

In late July, I got the terror of my life: Contractions. Close together (7 mins), painful, clenching contractions, right in the middle of work. I tried sitting down – nothing. No change. I asked to go home, called my fiance, and we headed to the Birthing Rooms (pregnancy ER). I knew I wasn’t crazy when I saw the large lumps on the screen, exactly as I’d timed them at work. Seven minutes apart, lasting fifteen seconds. Lying down seemed to help, though, and the OB monitored the baby and me. The contractions never got worse but it took two hours of lying there in the hospital bed, them poking me with a clickie noise-making thing to check dilation (none), for them to finally stop being so painful. They’d expanded out to about ten minutes apart and the humps on the screen weren’t as big any more.

After four hours, they were fifteen minutes apart and bearable again. Doctors sent me home and told me to lay down until they stopped. They didn’t stop at all until ten days after that first visit. They still start up again after I’ve been on my feet fifteen minutes, so obviously I had to take my leave from work. Luckily, I’m a planner and I had enough money to pay my finances through the end of October, plus buy my fiance and his brother birthday presents (Aug 30 and 31st). And then some.

Today, and the reason I’m posting, was the second sonogram. The technician was unkind and downright rude, so I didn’t even ask any of the questions I wanted to, like what she thought about the baby’s progress and how the lungs were forming up. I explained that to my OB, who said he’ll look at the photos himself and talk to me about those questions next time (the 16th). He said that either the baby was underweight and due at the end of this month like the first sono suggested or she is overweight and due at the end of September.

I’m starting to feel really heavy, particularly if I stand or sit up straight for long periods. He has imposed a new rule – lie down every 2-4 hours on my left side. The good news is, other than the weight/due date issues, she is very healthy. She doesn’t move around quite as much as she did even a couple weeks ago, but you can literally see her every movement under my skin. I’m even able to tell when she has the hiccups, which makes me laugh.

Either due date, I’m okay with. I’ll just be happy when I can finally hold this little one in my arms, hold her out to my fiance, and know that we did what doctors told us both we couldn’t do.


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