Hello, world!

To start off this fresh blog, I do want to use the generic “hello, world” post that wordpress.com kindly started me off with. Allow me to tell you, the world, a little about myself to get things started, and then we’ll see where things go from there.

Right now, at this very moment, I am sitting in a clustered bedroom in my parents’ home, my fiance asleep behind me, and my firstborn baby still kicking me from inside. I am seven or eight months pregnant, with a due date that has been switched between Aug 28 and Sept 26 so many times that I’ve just shrugged it off. When the child comes, she comes. I am cooking dinner for six people (seven, if you include the unborn baby) and fending off a total of eight dogs (one is a visitor) and eight cats.

For the future, I plan to teach. Unfortunately, I’m a little unclear on WHAT I want to teach at the moment, other than that I like the idea of helping children learn to love learning. I am working now on my sixth year of university education, at my fourth college. Too much to explain in one post, but let’s just put it this way: a combination of college bureaucracy, government restrictions, and some really bad choices have made it close to impossible to graduate now.

So right now, I attend the American Public University System, a 100% online school, with the intent to graduate in roughly a year and a half with a BA in English. I am hoping that my perseverance through all of these past troubles will allow me a place in either an alternative education program or the Teach for America corps, both of which will allow me to teach while obtaining my credentials to be a permanent teacher.

Knowing all of that, what do I really plan to accomplish by making this blog? I plan on writing at least weekly to those who have a sound ear (so to speak) for a variety of topics, ranging from educational, criminal, and political news and opinions on the latest products. Obviously, you’ll also get an inside look into my life as a student, new parent, and the new generation of children who have had to move back home. You’ll also be privy to my opinions on my geeky hobbies, which include books, Facebook, drawing and painting, and owning far too many animals to be sane.

Like I said before: Hello, world!


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